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Sue Your Condo

If you have property in a condominium or homeowners association, the Association may be responsible for any damage caused to your unit for anything other than your fault.

  • Did your unit suffer damages for water intrusion?

  • Is the association failing to meet its responsibilities?

  • Would you like to change the members of the current board?


If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, we are here to help!

What is Failure to Maintain?

The duties of a community association include management and control of the common areas, including the roof, exterior walls, spaces between the units, and common plumbing and pipes.


In any instance, the association governing documents should be reviewed to determine any specific duties and responsibilities of the association. You may be eligible for recovery if the association has failed to fulfill its duties and your unit sustained damages as a result.


Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with the current politics of your condominium or homeowners association, we can assist you in removing board members. You are as much of an owner as the board members are.


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