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Privacy at AR Law Group, PLLC

Welcome to AR Law Group, PLLC's Privacy page. Your privacy is important to us

Notice Statement


This Privacy Notice provides information about how we collect and store Personal Information, and how Personal Information may be used by AR Law Group, PLLC and our affiliates (the "Firm"). This Notice provides you with necessary information regarding your rights and the Firm's obligations, in accordance with applicable data privacy regulations and laws. 


This Privacy Notice applies to the processing of Personal Information by the Firm in connection with: 


Client services: the provision by the Firm of legal services to our clients (and reference in this Notice to our “clients” includes their employees whose Personal Information we process); and 


Our Site: this Notice explains how the Firm collects, uses and discloses Personal Information when you visit or communicate with us through our Site, or offline as a prospective client or general contact. 


This Notice applies to AR Law Group, PLLC (a Florida professional limited liability company). 


Browsing or Using the Sites Does Not Make You a Client

The Sites are provided for general informational purposes and convenience. Please be advised that browsing the Site, using its services, or functionality does not make you a client. The Site do not provide, do not constitute, and should not be construed as legal advice. 


Data Controller: The legal entity which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of Personal Information. While providing legal services to you as a client, the Firm is data controller or joint data controller. With respect to Firm administration, and in support of our business operations, the Firm is the data controller. 


Data Processing: Any operation or set of operations performed on Personal Information such as collection, organization, structuring, storage, retrieval, consultation, use, dissemination or otherwise making available, restriction, erasure or destruction. Individual: An individual is any natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by an identifier (such as full name or an identification number). Also referred to as a consumer, data subject or resident under various privacy laws, the individual is generally the person described by the Personal Information. 


Personal Information: Commonly referred to as Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) or personal data, Personal Information (“PI”) may be defined under various privacy laws, but, generally, is a fact about an individual which, if combined with one or more other facts about that individual, would enable others to determine the specific person to whom the facts apply. Sensitive Personal Information: Sensitive Personal Information (“SPI”) is a subset of PI that requires greater security protections and standards of care in handling. SPI, also known as "special categories of information", is generally defined as information that if lost, compromised, or disclosed could result in substantial harm, embarrassment, inconvenience, or unfairness to an individual. Some privacy laws may identify SPI with additional granularity. 


The Firm: For the purposes of this Notice, we will refer to AR Law Group, PLLC and its associated affiliates as "the Firm", and collectively as "we", "our" or "us". 


The Site: This website, and any mobile site or mobile application that link to this Notice, that is owned and operated by AR Law Group, PLLC (collectively, "the Sites"). 

Privacy and Data Protection Principles


The Firm adheres to industry-standard privacy and data protection principles when processing PI, including the following: 


Accountability: PI is collected and processed with appropriate controls and measures to demonstrate compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations. 

  1. Accuracy and Quality: Subject to applicable privacy law, individuals have the right to access their PI to ensure its accuracy and completeness. When necessary, reasonable efforts are taken to ensure that inaccurate data is rectified in a timely manner. 

  2. Consent and Choice: Opt-in and opt-out choices are provided to individuals with respect to their privacy rights under applicable privacy laws. 

  3. Data Minimization: PI is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it is processed. 

  4. Integrity and Confidentiality: PI is processed in a manner designed to provide appropriate security including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing or access, accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical and organizational measures. 

  5.  Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency: PI is processed lawfully and fairly, with a valid legal basis. We provide information about PI collection, use and disclosure through transparent notices. 

  6. Notice and Awareness: Individuals are given notice of the Firm's privacy practices prior to any collection of PI to ensure privacy rights are clearly defined and individuals can make informed decisions about their PI.  

  7. Privacy Safeguards and Security: We store your PI as long as necessary to support our business operations and fulfill our legal obligations, including any applicable retention requirements. The Firm utilizes practices and controls consistent with security and privacy standards in the industry 

  8. Privacy Compliance: The Firm has a dedicated Privacy and Compliance Program that monitors changes in privacy laws and regulations, and ensures compliance with our legal, regulatory and client obligations with respect to data privacy. The program includes the prevention of unauthorized disclosure of PI, data protection controls, and remediation and mitigation of privacy risk 

  9. Purpose Limitation and Specification: PI is collected for a specified, explicit and legitimate business purpose and there is a valid legal basis for the processing activity. 

  10.  Use, Retention and Disclosure Limitation: We will retain your PI for as long as your registration on the Sites is active, or as needed to provide you with services or information you have requested. 


We Collect:


       1. Personal Information

You are not required to provide any PI on any areas of our Sites. However, you may choose to provide us with PI about yourself by corresponding with us by telephone, email, via the Sites, or otherwise. 


The PI you may provide or we may collect include the following: 

• Your name; 

• Your contact details, such as telephone number and email address;

 • Information relating to the matter in which you are seeking our legal advice or representation; • Business or professional qualifications or experience; 

• Company information, including PI about your directors, officers, beneficial owners or agents; • Other PI contained in correspondence or documents which you may provide to us; or 

• Any other identifier that permits Holland & Knight to make contact with you.


This PI may be required in order to enable us to provide our services to you. Where PI relates to your directors, shareholders, beneficial owners, employees, customers, agents, associates or family members, it is not reasonably practical for us to provide them the information in this Notice. Accordingly, and as appropriate, you should provide a link to this Notice to any such person. 


       2.  Personal Information (PI) We May Collect From Third Parties 

We collect most information from you directly. However, we may also collect the following PI about you: 


• Name, contact details, and professional experience and qualifications from publicly accessible sources like Companies House and LinkedIn; 

• Credit account information, fraud activity, sanction status and Politically Exposed Persons ("PEP") status from due diligence providers; 

• Information which you have made public on websites associated with you or your company, or on social media. With your consent, we may also collect information from:

 • Your bank or building society, your financial institution or advisor; 

• Consultants and other professionals we may engage in relation to your matter;

 • Your employer, trade union, professional body or pension administrators; 

• Your doctors, or medical and occupational health professionals. 

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